At Glim we speak the same "language" as our clients.

All our translators are selected for the expertise within a specific business sector, in this way, our clients can be sure that the ‘sector’ terminology is accurate and the finished translation meets the highest possible standards.

Sworn Translations

Your translations can be certified by expert translators accredited by the French Appeal courts..


All your legal documents translated by translators with law degrees.


Financial reports : don’t leave those sensitive translations to chance.
Our skilled specialised translators, biologists or doctors, are rigorous in delivering the quality you expect.


From construction to the oil industry, from aerospace to the shipping industry, we will draw on highly skilled translators with a diverse range of business skills.


Software, applications, websites, technical manuals, we can handle all your IT documents.


Whether it's scientific reports or marketing materials, the beauty, cosmetics and luxury goods industry is one of Glim’s core areas of expertise.


Given our many clients in the sector, we handle tourism content everyday.


Looking for a tag line, slogan or sales presentation? Let us create impact for your marketing materials.

Examples of completed projects