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Our number one goal: client satisfaction. Every day our teams work to ensure that our services match our promises.

Glim : 406 Satisfied Clients ! 

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We are proud of the services we provide to our clients with whom we aim to establish long-term, trusting relationships.
“ Finding a good translation agency, especially one that provides localisation services is complicated. I have been lucky to work with Glim many times, and I have full confidence in them. They are quick, efficient and the work is always of the highest quality. ” Brand Silver
Sophie Roux Erhard
Consultant at BrandSilver
“ Being totally open to new ideas, Glim has the rare gift of selecting good ideas and transforming them into effective services. A very valuable partner in adventure ! ” Comptoir des Savoirs
Olivier Eschapasse
Consultant-Partner, le Comptoir des savoirs